Room Service

Comprehensive collections within the Room Service collections provide the full assortment of special articles needed for a proper room service tray. “Made in Germany” conveys high quality and uncompromising attention to detail that you serve to your guests.


Steep, wide rims and large plating surfaces describe these generously dimensioned plates. A narrow embossment at the edge of the rim and verge add a touch of subtle elegance.


Its well-proportioned, gently undulating lines accentuate the fine horizontal relief patterns of this value priced collection.


Inspired by the natural curves of a graceful chain, the Enjoy Collection makes a captivating impression with its modern, timeless design that is both unusual and harmonious.

HEPP Full Range Catalog - 2014/2015
HEPP Serving Trolleys

The lavish design reveals itself in the round plates with outsized rims, platters with asymmetrical rims, cups in various shapes, and décor variations ranging from striking to elegant.


Avantgarde offers a collection of plates accentuated by the wide concave rims. In addition, there are extravagant serving dishes, plates and bowls with a variety of uses and a variety of forms - drop, oval or ellipse.

Relation Today

Relation Today presents new, beautifully shaped bowls and cups, which are a perfect match to the formal clarity of the plates and saucers.


Soups, sandwiches and cakes can be arranged and presented on square or rectangular bowls and plates, and take up a minimum of space. Platters and plates offer ideal grip characteristics, as the widest part of the rim is precisely where the thumb lies when carrying them.

WMF Asia Collection
WMF Full Range Catalog - 2014/2015
WMF Serving Trolleys