Eye Catchers

Bring entertainment to the table.

In creative cuisine the spotlight is always trained on the food. Our Eye Catchers provide the perfect showcase for these dishes, turning every meal into a memorable event. The various items from these collections are remarkably versatile, and may be mixed and matched with one another as well as from other collections.


Compliments plates, platters and bowls provide the perfect showcase to spotlight the food, turning every meal into a memorable event.

HEPP Full Range Catalog - 2014/2015
HEPP Serving Trolleys
Maître Structure

These textured plates can be superbly combined not only within the Maître Collection, but also with other BAUSCHER collections.


Although its distinctive forms have natural origins, its sophisticated reinterpretation of nature reveal a whole new visual world in premium table culture. Each individual piece can be simply and effectively combined with many other TAFELSTERN collections.

High End Decorations

Whether for starters, for presentation of the main course or for a dessert—these uniquely designed pieces provide great flexibility. Eating turns into real entertainment.


Restaurant Tantris in Munich, working closely with the architect and designer Vera Purtscher and TAFELSTERN, has developed a porcelain range which matches the haute cuisine of the establishment.

Tasting the World Vol. 3
WMF Asia Collection
WMF Full Range Catalog - 2014/2015
WMF Pure Exclusive - Color Me!
WMF Trendcollection 2014/2015