Coffee & Snack

Coffee to Stay

Often, a coffee break is extended to become a meal between meals. The Coffee & Snack collections are excellently suited to serving all kinds of snacks, from soup or salad and light pasta dishes to classic sandwiches. They provide an extraordinary frame, get the guest’s attention, and turn a little sweet or savory snack into a special experience.

Enjoy Coffee & Snack

Inspired by the natural curves of a graceful chain, the Enjoy Collection makes a captivating impression with its modern, timeless design that is both unusual and harmonious.

HEPP Full Range Catalog - 2014/2015

The bowlike, coiled, affectionate curves of its handles coupled with the slender and elegant body of the hollow parts give Coffeelings a striking effect.

Relation Today

Relation Today presents new, beautifully shaped bowls and cups, which are a perfect match to the formal clarity of the plates and saucers.


An extraordinary coffee concept that includes unusually styled flatware for the presentation of small snacks and can be smoothly integrated into the familiar TAFELSTERN modular system.

Tasting the World Vol. 3
WMF Coffee Culture
WMF Culture Cup
WMF Full Range Catalog - 2014/2015
WMF Trendcollection 2014/2015