Buffet Service

With imagination and a pleasure for serving, the individual items from the Buffet Service collections can be arranged in new and different ways time and time again.


Porcelain, metal, and glass – FUNctions features different materials to provide the perfect platform for presenting foods at any time of the day.

HEPP Full Range Catalog - 2014/2015
HEPP Serving Trolleys

The baking, soufflé, and special-purpose dishes that make up BAUSCHER’s classic Luzifer Collection are so elegant that they not only look good in the oven but also on the table. And of course Luzifer is heat resistant, ovenproof, microwave and dishwasher approved.


To create a new, aesthetic experience for the guest with only a few selected items on the table is the fundamental idea behind Impression. The combination of soft geometrical shapes and clearly defined inner lines brings the best out of food creations.


A logically and attractively designed buffet collection, which features not only striking individual items, but offers a convincing overall concept.

WMF Full Range Catalog - 2014/2015
WMF Serving Trolleys
WMF Silit Cookware